Oops. The site hasn’t been working for a little while, and it was just brought to my attention. Sorry about that! Everything should be fixed now.


WordPress Plugin: Publish Confirmation

Publish Confirmation is a simple, free WordPress plugin by Long Range Media that prevents you from accidentally publishing blog posts before you’re ready. Every time you press the Publish button a little box pops up, asking you if you’re sure you want to publish the post.

The plugin has been around for a couple years but we’re just now listing it here on the LRM site.

Site Redesign: is a Long Range Media property where every day we list a handful of zombie-related Kindle books that are FREE. The look of the site has gotten very little love since it was hastily tossed up back in March, but we’re proud to say that the site has been redesigned.

Take a look: redesign

The colors were changed, the logo is new, and the sidebar is now on the right. Another recent change we made was adding images of the covers of that day’s free books. It makes the site look more, pardon the pun, alive.

Head on over and see for yourself.

New eBook from LRM: The 138 Best Chrome Extensions

We’re a bit late with the announcement here on the blog, but Long Range Media released a new Kindle ebook a couple weeks ago! The 138 Best Chrome Extensions is all about how to get the most out of Google’s amazing Chrome browser. The 138 extensions listed will help you save a bunch of time, headache, and yep, even money.

Head on over and check out The 138 Best Chrome Extensions on Amazon.

New eBook From LRM: Baby’s First Zombie Book

This is a first for Tristan and Long Range Media: a children’s book. Except that this is not a normal children’s book. Baby’s First Zombie Book is a violent, graphic, very short rhyming book. It was written and illustrated by Tristan (under a pen name). It probably isn’t something you want to show impressionable little minds without reading it yourself first, but parents who like zombie movies or zombie stories will get a big kick out of it.

And as it says in the product description on Amazon, “Buy this book for your kids and you’ll be giving them the greatest gift of all—a fighting chance at surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Start them young and they’ll live to thank you later.”

Go check out Baby’s First Zombie Book on Amazon.

New Site from LRM: Creative Writing Prompts

I’m a creative person in some respects but incredibly uncreative in others. In that “others” category lies fiction. It’s really difficult for me to come up with ideas for fiction. I started looking for creative writing prompts but didn’t find one place with a TON of ideas/prompts in an easy-to-browse format.

Enter Creative Writing Prompts from Long Range Media. What it does is search for the hashtags #writingprompt and #writingprompts on Twitter about every half hour. It then posts those those new tweets to the Creative Writing Prompts site here on The result is an automatically-updated, ever-expanding database of creative writing prompts.

Some of the writing prompts you can just read from the tweet; for others you might have to click through to another site.

Enjoy, and happy writing.